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Google Contacts to MailEnable
 Imports Google Contacts (and possibly iOS contacts) to MailEnable mailboxes

By Phoenix125 | http://www.Phoenix125.com | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs | kim@kim125.com

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- Latest version: GoogleContactsToEmailEnable_v1.1             (2021-02-23)        View ReadMe.pdf

Free! Open source platform
Simple to use
Retains nearly all contact information, including photos, notes, custom phone numbers, etc.
Note! Copies all extra information into Notes field.
Creates groups
Allows for custom phone number fields to be imported to defaults. i.e. Can import cell into mobile.
Reformat phone numbers to standard format. i.e. +1 517.555-1212 converts to (517) 555-1212
If no mobile phone number, can copy work, home, etc. into mobile field so that it displays number in main list.

Latest Version:
Previous Versions: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/mailenable/mailenablehistory/
Source Code (AutoIT):
GitHub: https://github.com/phoenix125/GoogleContactsToMailEnable
Readme.txt: http://www.phoenix125.com/share/mailenable/ReadMe.pdf

Website: http://www.Phoenix125.com
Discord: http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs
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