Welcome to
Kiss of Death|2x2|PVE|Phoenix125.com (or Kiss of Death Freeport)

Name: Kiss of Death|2x2|PVE|Phoenix125.com or Kiss of Death Freeport
Server IP/Port:

Come experience the hottest new crafting game!
- 2x2 grid with plenty of islands in each grid.
- 36 Islands
- 4 discovery zone islands (one in each quadrant)
- 9 special stone quests
- 1 other discovery zone.
- Max players: 30
- Always up-to-date (via AtlasServerupdateUtility)
- Server is backed up every 6 hours.
- Friendly 40+ admin who does NOT use abuse his powers AT ALL... (that would ruin the fun).
- Restarts daily at 4am Eastern Time.
- Hosted in Michigan, USA. Everyone worldwide welcome.

Modified settings:
- 2x XP
- 1.5x Harvest
- Freeport max level without exploring: 20
Grid 1,1
Grid 0,0
Grid 0,1
Grid 1,0
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