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 A Utility To Keep Your Atlas Dedicated Server Updated
(and schedule server restarts, download and install new server files, and more!)

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- Latest version: AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v1.4.7   (2019-03-12)
- Beta version: AtlasServerUpdateUtil_v1.5.0(beta19) (2019-04-09)
        New GUI BETA VERSION!!!    View readme.txt   View BETA readme
  (The GUI is still a work in progress. MANY more features to come!)
- By Phoenix125 | http://www.Phoenix125.com | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs | kim@kim125.com
- Based on Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.3.0 | https://gamercide.org/

- Works with up to 100 grids (10x10).
- Works with multiple server PC systems.
- Now send RCON & in-game messages to all servers with a click or two.
- Optionally automatically check for mod updates, install them, announce the update,  and restart the server.
- Automatically imports available server data from ServerGrid.json.
- Windows only
- OK to use with most other server managers: Use this tool to install and maintain the server and use your other tools to manage game play features.
- Automatically download and install a new Atlas Dedicated Server: No need to do it manually.
- Automatically keeps server updated.
- Announce server updates and/or restarts in game, on Discord and Twitch.
- KeepServerAlive: Detects server crashes (checks for AtlasGame.exe and telnet response) and will restart the server.
- User-defined scheduled reboots.
- Remote restart via web browser, including your phone.
- Send RCON commands via web browser, including from your phone
- Run multiple instances of AtlasServerUpdateUtility to manage multiple servers.
- Clean shutdown of your server(s).
More detailed features:
- Optionally execute external files for six unique conditions, including at updates, scheduled restarts, remote restart, when first restart notice is announced
  *These options are great executing a batch file to disable certain mods during a server update, to run custom announcement scripts, make config changes (enable PVP at scheduled times), etc.

Latest Version:                http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtility.zip
Beta Version:                        http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtilityBeta.zip
Previous Versions:                http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/atlashistory/
Source Code (AutoIT):        http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtility.au3
GitHub:                        https://github.com/phoenix125/AtlasServerUpdateUtility

Website: http://www.Phoenix125.com
Discord: http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs
- Based on Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.2.3 and (He wrote MOST of the code used in this program.. THANK YOU!)
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