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        AtlasServerUpdateUtility (ASUU)
 A Utility To Keep Your Atlas Dedicated Server Updated
(and schedule server restarts, download and install new server files, and more!)

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- Latest version: AtlasServerUpdateUtility_v2.3.8   (2022-08-29)
- Beta version: AtlasServerUpdateUtil_v2.3.8  (2022-08-29)
(beta & stable are same at this time)    View readme.txt

  By Phoenix125 | http://www.Phoenix125.com | http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs | kim@kim125.com
- Based on Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.3.0 | https://gamercide.org/

- Assign CPU Affinity per Grid
- Works with up to 400 grids (20x20).
- Works with multiple server PC systems.
- Easy setup! Use Wizard or manually edit config. Imports almost all data from ServerGrid.json & GameServerUser.ini files (if enabled).
- Setup Wizard: Use existing server or automatically download and install a new Atlas Dedicated Server. Requires a working map (ServerGrid.json).
- Works with Blackwood!
- Optionally start selected grid servers only.
- Send RCON commands/messages to select or all servers.
- Send custom command lines PER GRID during server startup.
- Scheduled events: Send RCON commands to All or Local grids or run any file at scheduled times.
- Grid Configurator: Add or remove settings in GameUserSettings.ini, Game.ini, Engine.ini, ServerGrid.json across all grids with ease. Also view current grid settings with 1 click per grid.
- Back Up: Backs up Atlas save & redis folders and ServerGrid files on a schedule.
- Mod Updater: Keeps your mods up-to-date. Includes Discord, In-Game, and Twitch announcements. Restarts servers.
- Automatically keeps server, mods, and itself updated if desired.
- Announce server updates and/or restarts in game, on Discord and Twitch.
- Announce server status status and crashes on any of 3 Discord Webhooks.
- KeepServerAlive: Detects server crashes (checks for AtlasGame.exe via PID) and will restart the server.
- Crash Watchdog: Monitors RCON response & restarts if crashed. Disables if crashes too many times.
- Daily Restarts: User-defined scheduled reboots.
- Remote Restart: (restart all grids with announcements) via web browser, including your phone.
- Send RCON commands to all servers via web browser, including from your phone.
- Run multiple instances of AtlasServerUpdateUtility to manage multiple servers.
- Clean shutdown of your server(s) via RCON and, if that fails, Clicking "X" (close) which both force a SaveGame.
- Adjustable Startup and Shutdown delays.
- Run files (your custom batch files) during any of 7 events, including server updates, mod updates, scheduled restarts, remote restart, when first restart notice is announced.
- Duplicate Port Checker: Analyzes your ServerGrid.json for duplicate port entries.
- DestroyWildDinos scheduler.

Latest Version:                http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtility.zip
Beta Version:                        http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtilityBeta.zip
Previous Versions:                http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/atlashistory/
Source Code (AutoIT):        http://www.phoenix125.com/share/atlas/AtlasServerUpdateUtility.au3
GitHub:                        https://github.com/phoenix125/AtlasServerUpdateUtility

Website: http://www.Phoenix125.com
Discord: http://discord.gg/EU7pzPs
- Based on Dateranoth's ConanExilesServerUtility-3.2.3 and (He wrote MOST of the code used in this program.. THANK YOU!)
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